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Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Waxing  & Tinting

Aura Signature Facial                                  $75
Custom blended with replenishing vitamins, herbs + essential oils

Tingling Oxygen Facial                                $75
Delivers important peptides, vitamins, amino acids + anti- oxidants to detoxify + brighten

Glycolic Anti-Aging Facial                            $75
Stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces fine lines + wrinkles

Lightening Enzyme Facial                            $80
For non-sensitive skin- great for lightening
sun spots, age spots, freckles + pigmented scars

Active Charcoal Deep Pore                         $80
Invigorating  blend of ingredients that deep cleans, absorbs toxins + contaminants from the pores

Rosacea Remedy                                               $85
Effective layered solutions with a customized natural approach for sensitive skin

Semi-permanent eyelashes that last indefinately with relashing every 2-4 weeks

Classic Full Set              $185
Classic Re-Lash         $65-85

Volume Full Set            $250
Volume Re-Lash     $90-110

Brow Wax                     $12
Chin Wax                      $12
Lip Wax                         $12

Brow Tinting                $15
Eyelash Tinting            $25



Spa Manicure                   $20
French Manicure             $25

        *currently unavailable

Spa Pedicure                $38  French Pedicure          $43

        *currently unavailable